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Texas Rangers: Should have been Must See TV

For those of you who are baseball fans or residents of the Lone Star State, the drama of the evening news for the past umpteen months has been "Who will buy the Texas Rangers"?

Well, if you have been following it, you already know because aficionados of the Great Game are the ones who came into work skipping to the cubicle and tacking up a retro Nolan Ryan poster.

Good times for those who stayed up until 1 a.m. to learn the verdict of what exactly $593 million can buy. However, why didn't everyone see it?

With today's social media and seemingly every court case in the land being televised, why wasn't this on live TV? Can you imagine the ratings the Rangers would have earned? We're talking double digits.

And if you don't believe that, how cool would it have been on the rumored exact moment the gavel came crashing down on Mark Cuban's fate and losing bid, Michael Young hit the winning grand slam of last night's game?

Well, that did happen and wasn't connected on TV until the morning news hit the airwaves.

In a world where the media is scratching for ratings, looking to lure in viewers and readers and begging Sweet Baby Jesus for better circulation, there's something to be said for deciding for going live with local drama instead of airing Cindy Crawford infomercials about her smooth skin.

I would go on a rant and air some additional angst but I have a 1999 Rangers Pennant to hang in my office, right next to my commemoration plaque honoring "The Express" teaching Robin Ventura a lesson.

Good times indeed.

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