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It's a matter of trust

With respect to the great Billy Joel, I'm talking about any relationship we marketers have with our clients.

There was a nice article in Ad Age that brought this song to mind. Phil Johnson wrote about "the best way to lose a client."


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Super (Brand) Bowl: Much Ado About Nothing.

Super Bowl XLV. Stick a fork (or one large snow plow) in it. The gig is up.

Was it good for you? If you are one of the masses in the advertising world, do you feel like you won anything?


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Hey Taco Bell, where's the beef?

For the children of the 80s, when's the last time you thought you could use that line?


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RemitDATA is looking up

RemitDATA wins award at MedTrans conferenceI love it when I get to take some time off from being the Grand Puba to be the Head Cheerleader of HCK2.


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How powerful is marketing and advertising? Ask baseball.

Our beloved Texas Rangers wrote the final chapter in their yet-to-be-written screenplay recently when they took their talents all the way to the World Series. (AntlersUp!)


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In case you haven't seen, Election Day is Nov. 2

I love what I do. Always have, but I'm pragmatic, there are flacks who make this job a skosh difficult. (Regretfully, publicists mark against that body count.)


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HCK2 continues its award-winning ways

If you stopped by HCK2 Land, you would find yourself in a rainfall of orange, blue and green confetti as we welcomed four more awards into our fold.


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Gap's logo has gone to scrap

Following a post about the kerfuffle Gap had caused America's shoppers, it seems the global retailer has wisened up (and possibly fired its marketing peeps).


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Has Gap gone to crap?

HCK2 is an agency of many things: creative people, brilliant conversationalists, trendy folk... and a slew of parents.

Yes, we love us some kids, which in a linear universe means we love us some GAP.


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Does anyone know how to get to Manhattan?

That's just one of the crazy and hilarious sayings that came out of a recent trip that myself, Benji, Heather and Melissa took with our brand new

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