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PR Tips for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are some of the most resourceful and creative organizations I’ve had the opportunity to work for in my career. However, with limited funding and manpower to publicize their services and missions, many can be overlooked by the press and the public.


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D/FW Media: Another One Leaves TV 'Kwikly'

In Dallas, the only thing dropping more than flies are good reporters. And this past week was no exception, according to the great


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Does Social Media Force Us to be Antisocial?

HCK2 is a place full of social media experts. In fact, one of them is asking me (a lot) to blog, so there's my inspiration. Thanks, Doctor.


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Do Americans Tune Out of Trouble?

On TVNewser, there was a revealing article that shows CNN has dropped out of the top 10 cable network rankings for the week of March 21-27. Completely.


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Super (Brand) Bowl: Much Ado About Nothing.

Super Bowl XLV. Stick a fork (or one large snow plow) in it. The gig is up.

Was it good for you? If you are one of the masses in the advertising world, do you feel like you won anything?


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New business is giving good times to PR

Lately, your fairweather friends at HCK2 have been a skosh busy. Why? We love our clients, of course.

So much so, we want more of them.

(Stay tuned for some nice agency of record releases coming soon.)


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Hey PR person! You up for this challenge?

If you are unemployed, underemployed or just interested in playing the field to see what's out there, you have officially met the end of the line with what has to be the "Job from PR Hell."

Let's see... how would I define such a sardonic job posting? I got it, and can do it in two letters: "B. P."


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I'm on a horse to 'It's Never Too Late' Ville

The moment you read that headline, I would be willing to bet your check that your mind did not instantly transport to Kentucky and envision the running at Churchill Downs.

No, no. You were throwing up a high-def, IMAX screen picture of Isaiah Mustafa draped in a 400-thread count towel.


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Is it ever okay to poke fun at the military?

This is a sensitive subject for a guy who has a U.S. flag case bequeathed to him by his uncle in his office, and is the fruit of a decorated war hero (Hi, Dad), but I'll answer the question anyway... uh, no!


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To Speak or Not To Speak. What a Question.

Recently, thanks to MediaBistro's PR Newser, we have heard from one of the most popular people on the planet - Keith Estabrook.


In other words, Lebron James' publicist.

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