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How the heck does Google work anyway?

You would be surprised how often I have asked that question.

You type in a keyword and it may, or may not, pull up exactly what you are looking for at all.

Google baffles everyone. (Well, except these guys.)

To make it more difficult, they keep quiet about what's going on behind the minimalist page.


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Let's Make a Movie!

Google and You Tube have teamed up to launch Life in a Day, "a historic cinematic experiment that will attempt to document one day, as seen through the eyes of people around the world."

The day in question: Saturday, July 24.


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Some things never go out of style

In life, some things never go out of style.

A little black dress. Ace of Base. Big hair (in Texas, at least). Good crisis PR.

As the media trudges on about the BP oil spill, we are learning about the importance of having a crisis plan in place... just in case.


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"... yet another example of the decline of journalism as we once knew it."

Where does journalism cross the line into TMZ entertainment?

Dale Hansen believes that WFAA crossed that line last night.


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Oops. No mistakes allowed.

As PR professionals, we all have the same recurring nightmare. We send a pitch with a misplaced verb. We send an e-mail with an incorrectly used word. We may even write the wrong name in an e-mail. Gasp!


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Clean up on aisle 13

When something is broke, you should really consider fixing it. That’s what Toyota is trying to do.


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The American Red Cross on Haiti – now that’s good PR

After the disaster in Haiti that has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and thousands dead, the American Red Cross jumped in to do what they do best… disaster relief.


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PR Gone Wild

I recently read this blog about Reverb Communications, a sales, marketing and Public Relations agency, who is under allegations that its interns have been astroturfing the iTunes Application Store


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The fight goes on… and on… and on.

I’m sure you have the seen the blistering warfare between wireless provider giants AT&T and Verizon Wireless… that is, unless you have been living under a rock.


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“The internet is under new management. Yours.”

In the 50s, advertising was impressive and convincing. Everyone drank the Kool-Aid.

Today, advertising has transformed. People don’t just believe what is put in front of them anymore. We are a cynical, distrusting people. It makes those of us in the integrated marketing communications field work harder and better.

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