Eric Ojeda

Interactive Developer
When a web development challenge arises, Eric solves problems by pushing away from the computer and getting back to pen and paper. This allows him to think simply, without overcomplicating or getting bogged down in distractions. He likes to look at tasks from different directions and plan out a strategy that fits the client's needs.

Eric tried out for the European professional volleyball league a few years back and nearly made it. He remains a volleyball legend to us. To relax, he enjoys sharing a cold Shiner Bock with his wife, Ann.

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Water Cooler Hanging at the Water Cooler

Next personal learning objective?
I plan to learn the ultimate power of…REGULAR EXPRESSIONS! A comic to describe this.

Favorite drink?
Odell Brewing Company's 90 Shilling Ale, a medium bodied amber ale from Colorado.

You're a superhero. What's your name and power? 
My name is AmpliDude and I can create pulses of subsonic sound waves that rattle my enemies' eardrums into oblivion. 

#1 on your bucket list? 
Experience going over 200 MPH in some form or fashion. Preferably in a vehicle that I own. 

Would you rather be stuck in the Twilight Zone or Bermuda Triangle?
Bermuda Triangle! I need at least a little color in my life and Twilight Zone is a little too gray for me.

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Eric's Blog Posts

Hands Aren’t Just for Mashing Keyboards – A Case for Picking Up a New Hobby

- June 09, 2017

As a full-service marketing agency, HCK2 is filled with knowledge workers. We communicate news and information in a variety of ways, whether through press releases, brochures, or websites, we thrive on developing creative ways to convey that information.

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Git-Flow Implementation

- May 17, 2016

Attending a conference can open your eyes to new processes that will make your day-to-day workflow more enjoyable. Recently, our interactive team took time off to attend the Lone Star PHP Conference in Addison.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 39 seconds

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Eric Ojeda Bio Picture

Favorite Quote

“I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car's headlights and tell you exactly which way it's coming.”
– Mitch Hedberg