HCK2 INTERNally: Meet Ashley Sears

by HCK2 Interns

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Our latest member to the HCK2 family is another intern, Ashley Sears. Evidentally, we are learning about her with this inaugural trek into blogdom. She enjoys this place, has a fine palette for high-end footwear and...let's just say she's not so much Cinderella with her feet, as much as she is one of the toady stepsisters with those gangly metatarsals she has. On with the show.]


Let’s talk about shoes for a moment. I have recently started working here at HCK2, and it got me thinking – finding the perfect job is similar to finding the coveted perfect pair of heels. However, with Bozo the Clown-sized feet on a petite frame, it’s impossible to find that perfect fit. 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: She does have a fetching collection of polka-dotted ties though.]

My constant struggle to spend countless hours in stores trying to cram my hobbit-like foot (sans hairiness) into a gorgeous high heel in vain reflects my search for a job as well. I spent just as many hours searching for internships or job opportunities until my eyes wanted to fall out of my head.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Looking like Frodo isn't as bad as that near eyeball-crazed Gollum. Coincidence we call Ashley, "Precious"?!]

It hasn’t been easy, but I did get lucky and had an AMAZING experience at my very first internship when I was still in college. Everything just clicked, like slipping on that gorgeous strappy wedge I had been eyeing for weeks, buckling it up in anxious hope and nearly crying in relief that my toes didn’t hang over the edge and look like bloated Vienna sausages for once. I learned many basics that semester, started networking and began establishing myself in the career world. I was on cloud nine.

After my first internship, it was just one wrong fit after the next and once again, it was as if I was back in the store in vain trying desperately to curl my toes up and shove my foot into a delicate high heel. However, it seems those lovely heels were just a store away because I landed here at HCK2.

For the first time in a while, I can honestly say that I am excited about getting up and coming to work!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We know. We know. We have already handed her a rag for the brown stuff on her nose. It's okay.]

Want to know the best part? The day I was offered the internship, I went home after work and decompressed my jittery nerves with some retail therapy. I wanted to celebrate this day with a pair of new heels. It didn’t take long for a stunning pair to snag my attention.

They were colorful, bold, daring and empowering. I wanted them instantly because they embodied every emotion that was fluttering around like butterflies in my stomach at that moment.

I made a beeline over to them, and found a pair marked my size and with shaky hands I pulled them out of the box and slipped them on. I wanted to laugh in disbelief. They were the perfect fit. From that day forward, these heels would forever be known as my HCK2 heels.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I have those too, but I call them by their proper name - Birkenstocks. Peace.]

Looking back now at all of my struggles and disappointments during the beginning of my career, I realize that going through these various “wrong fits” has molded me into the individual I am in my career. It prepared me for that perfect fit and much like my HCK2 heels, when it finally happened, I would not take it for granted. It is new, different and a little snug as I try to learn everything and figure out my place, but at the end of the day it is fun, exciting and feels like a perfect fit.

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