HCK2 INTERNally: Women of PR, what's a Pink Ghetto?

by HCK2 Interns

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What is a “pink ghetto”? 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Pssst. Go for the easy line. "It's where Mary Kay consultants go to slum. For the winter, of course."]

If you do some research, you will discover that - in business terms - a “pink ghetto” refers to an industry that is "highly feminized, where women make up a predominant percentage of the industry." 

Recently, PR Daily reported that a recent study by Sydney recruiting firm, Salt & Shein, in Australia identified PR as a so-called “pink ghetto.” As a budding PR professional, I had a few thoughts on this:

1. It’s interesting to me that people are quick to associate negative connotations and not-so-politically correct buzzwords to industries that are dominated by women. I don’t see people calling industries like accounting, finance or construction “blue ghettos.” So why the double standard?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: My favorite color is either green or black, so to whom is she referring? Papa Smurf?!]

2. It was also reported that the feminization of PR could be because public relations is seen as "a softer skill set." To whoever thinks soft skills are the basis of PR... umm what?! A true PR professional is not the one who is a friendly face to everyone and timidly asks others to cover their news. Rather, a PR professional is a determined individual who knows when it’s gut check time and is willing to go the distance to find what’s truly newsworthy. If a woman happens to be the best candidate for that position, then why not give it to them? You cannot deny the better candidate based purely on having gender equality throughout the workplace. At least, you shouldn't. 

3. On the flip side, while I understand that some industries are likely to be female or male dominated, I have to wonder is it really okay for any workplace to be dominated by one gender or the other? Females make up 85 percent of PR professionals in the United States. Men make up 85 percent of investment bankers. Neither statistic makes it very conducive or welcoming for the other gender to become a part of that industry. Both men and women provide something different; yet, essential to keep any workplace well rounded and successful.

So rather than focusing or worrying on how PR has become a “pink ghetto”, I rather focus on how each industry (whether it’s accounting or human resources) should promote gender equality and have an overarching diverse working environment.

Could we also have world peace?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We have it. You'll have to excuse her. Morgan has not reached full sports consciousness yet.]

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