Images of HCK2 dogs and cats at work

HCK2’s Furry Assistants: At the Office and Home Office

The benefits of bringing your pet to work are endless, and the team at HCK2 is very familiar with these perks! Our furry friends bring stress relief, remind us to take breaks and grab some fresh air, and can make any day seem brighter.

When you walk into HCK2, you could swear it is a prerequisite to love animals prior to being offered a position. This love starts at the top, as our CEO Heather Capps is a huge animal lover and brings her middle-aged (for dogs anyway) littermate mutts, Angus and Elsa, to the office frequently. The agency has a mighty staff of four-legged friends, and you can find Oliver Waffles, Bella, Rowdy, Sage, Sugar, Glen Campbell and others running around the halls on any given day – that is, prior to the pandemic.

Now that we find ourselves working from home, our animals still bring us the same benefits we experienced at the office. Early on into sheltering-in-place, Spectrum News provided some tips and tricks to keep pets busy while you’re working from home, particularly those accustomed to going into an office. Some ideas may appear silly at first, but over time we’ve found the wisdom in these practices. For example:

  1. “Hide food” games around the house – This keeps pets entertained and less bored during the day. Keeping them stimulated (as though they were at the office being petted by a colleague) is the goal.
  2. When you’re not on a conference call, allow them to sit in front of a window to watch what’s happening in the front or back yard. Sometimes watching a squirrel climb a tree branch provides entertainment pets miss by not being at the office.
  3. Turn on the television or radio – white noise works for humans and our companions.
  4. Rotate favorite toys so familiarity doesn’t breed discontent.

Regardless of when we return to the office, HCK2 is all-in when it comes to keeping our furry friends by our side while working.