Did you not get the memo?

Studies have shown that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Indicators such as facial expressions, eye contact, posture, proximity and gestures are huge in determining the meaning of a conversation.

I’d go out on a limb and say that for many of us the majority of our daily correspondence is done through texting, e-mailing and instant messaging.

What happens when nonverbal communication is not a factor, are we only delivering 7% of our message?

As detailed and intricate as we try to be when writing, I’d like to argue that we waste a lot of time when occasionally taking a “shortcut” to deliver a message. Granted, it’s definitely not possible or advisable to have every conversation face-to-face, there are times when we should pick up the phone or go visit our client or friend.

Top 10 Conversations to Avoid Through Text, E-mail and Instant Messaging

1. Telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant

2. Break ups (save that one for the post-it note)

3. Quitting your job

4. Telling your client you made a typo on a $5 million project that has already been printed

5. Notifying your family you’re taking a vacation to Mexico for Christmas instead of going home

6. Asking someone on a first date

7. Telling your neighbor you backed over their cat on your way to work

8. Conducting an employee review

9. Wishing your grandparent a happy birthday

10. Telling your girlfriend those jeans do make her butt look big

Am I missing something? What are some other conversations that should be avoided through non-verbal methods?