Estimating Reading Time for Blog Posts

Here at HCK2, we write. We write plenty. Some of us are wordy and others are concise. And, we all try and have something worthwhile to share with our readers regarding our industry or theirs.

However, research tells us that some of you might not have the time to read all that we might have to say!

Famed User Experience (UX) expert, Jakob Nielsen, wrote a blog post titled How Little Do Users Read? In the post, he references and summarizes the finding of the paper Not quite the average: An empirical study of Web use. The paper itself is a worthy read; however, the takeaway from this article is our beloved readers only read 18-20 percent of what we present to you on this fine blog.

As an effort to circumvent the problem, we’ve provided you with an “Estimated Reading Time” on each of our blog items. Only have three minutes to spare for an article? That’s fine — your expectations are set at the beginning in order to help you find the right article for your consumption.

This is just one item for increased usability and better UX that HCK2’s Web & Interactive Department can bring to your site. Head on over to our contact page to see what we could do to help your site keep your users’ attention.