Visual Content in Marketing

Fishing for Eyes: The Lure of Visual Content in Marketing

Read me!! NO, LOOK HERE. Wait…now read this.

If there was something that stuck out to you in the text above, then you have already observed how visual cues can influence the interpretation of a message. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that little voice in your head read each fragment differently, right?

Visual interpretation applies to everyone without eyesight issues – crossing cultural barriers, geographic regions, religious and political beliefs, and even social economic demographics. This is a universal truth dating back to the dawn of time pre-dating written and spoken language. This was a time where our ancestors drew pictures on walls to pass along their history – the original Facebook timeline in other words.

This is a lesson we have never forgotten, but it seems to be making a comeback with the evolution of social media and technology compared to written and auditory communication. Personally, I enjoy fishing and explaining things through simple metaphors, hence the title.

As communicators and marketers, we are in constant competition to hook readers’ attention by catching their eyes. Because once we have their eyes, the other senses, the mind and the decision making process come shortly after. This makes visual content very similar to fishing lures. Not all lures look the same and this is by design to attract certain fish. Small fish like lures that are tiny and look like bugs, while big fish like shiny intricate lures that look like small fish. In other words, you must visually cater to your target to reel them in – whether its fish or people.

If you are on social media or read articles (online or print), by now you have noticed that the content has transitioned from text-based to visual-based. Specifically, social media platforms are now integrating video and images, along with live streaming, as the bulk of its best performing content. While articles are broken up with images, videos and infographics, or are filled with graphic advertisements. By incorporating visuals, it allows the content to be repurposed and distributed on a variety of platforms, basically changing the “sharing” method from casting single hooks to throwing large nets by increasing content reach.

At HCK2 Partners, we are masters at visual content – from ideation to creation and from execution to social amplification – in order to catch your customers and reel them in. Check out our services to see how we can help you!

P.S. We don’t catch and release, we play for keeps!

P.P.S. Don’t microwave fish in confined spaces, learn from our mistake…