Four Reasons You Need a Professionally Developed Website

You know your business needs a website. There are a plethora of benefits that come with having one: global reach, 24/7 access, customer interaction and more. What you don’t know is just how much work is required to create a useable, well-designed website. Paying your nephew (or your sister’s dog’s groomer’s boyfriend) to build a wonderful portal of information seems like a cost-effective way of going about things, but outlined below are four reasons you should rethink that strategy and hire a qualified agency partner instead.

Design is (Almost) Everything
Design is a user’s first impression of your website, and maybe even your business. A terrible design is generally equated with low-quality services. If you have GIFs of teddy bears dancing with unicorns, or sparkling, shimmering text on your website, potential customers will turn to your competitors without a second thought. Great design equates to a better sense of professionalism and quality. Our designers are well-trained in the arts of human-website interaction. They know all about colors and layout and how those aspects of website design affect users. Ensure your website strategy incorporates your company’s personality, but also reflects a sense of professionalism relative to your target audiences.

User Experience is Everything Else
Have you ever tried to buy something online and found yourself getting frustrated trying to figure out how to actually make it through the payment process? This is a prime example of a bad user experience. When creating a website, plan it so users can get from Point A to Point B in as few clicks as possible. When developing a site, we have entire meetings centered on how a user navigates the site. We know the psychology behind it, and we use that to your business’ advantage.

Custom Look, Custom Feel
Templates are easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you should use one for your business. Sure, it’s easy to drop some content into a website template and call it a day, but users can tell the difference. Imagine you’re in a store, and you find two pairs of shoes you like. You’re holding the first pair, and they’re beautiful, with your initials on the inside. You set those down and pick up the second pair. They look great and they’re less expensive than the first pair. Then you see 10 people walk past you, all wearing the exact same shoes you’re holding. Which pair do you pick? While custom websites may be pricier, they generally pay off in the end; especially in a competitive market. From the initial meeting to the development of wire frames, we custom design and develop each website according to the individual needs of clients. Every website should be completely, 100% unique to the brand it represents. No businesses are exactly the same, therefore no websites should be the same.

You Get What You Pay For
This age-old adage applies to the digital-age world of websites. Custom-built websites may be a bit pricier than going the template route, but if you put care, consideration, time and money into ensuring your customers have a smooth online experience, they’ll notice. Pay extra for knowledge, expertise, and quality. You won’t regret it. It could very well be your competitive advantage.

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