HCK2 Volunteers with Entrepreneurs for North Texas to Honor Lives Lost on 9/11

Every year, members of Entrepreneurs for North Texas(EFNT) gather on September 11 to help a community in need to “honor lives changed on 9/11/01 by changing lives today,” as EFNT’s slogan says so well. 

This year, more than 400 volunteers gathered at Zumwalt Middle School in south Dallas to give the school a facelift. Zumwalt is located among the most poverty stricken neighborhoods, in one of the highest crime areas in Dallas. Despite these statistics, Zumwalt was ranked the No. 2 middle school among non-magnet schools in DISD for the 2011-2012 school year.

These volunteers, including about half of our agency, spent the day giving the main hallway a much needed paint job. We spent the day on our hands and knees painting the baseboards, radiator, walls and doors. Additionally, we realized how out of shape some of us were, as we limped around the office the next day with sore legs.

At lunch, we discussed where we were on that tragic day and how it has changed our thoughts and actions.

“I remember being in the hallways of my junior high school, rushing home to be with my family to watch the news,” said our Christy French, account coordinator for HCK2. “Now, each year, I treasure the opportunity to honor the service men and women for all they continue to do for our country, and those affected by the day’s horrible events.”

Since Freedom Day’s inception, EFNT members have provided more than 20,000 hours of service to important nonprofit organizations, including Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the Innercity Community Development Corporation, the African American Museum, Texas Trees Foundation, Dallas Fire-Rescue, InnerCity Community Development Corporation, Innerfaith Housing Coalition, Park South Family YMCA, Juliette Fowler Homes, City Square, Camp Summit and Catholic Charities. 

HCK2 is proud to give back and take a moment to honor lives changed each year. Never Forget 9/11.