Lumina Learning

How Lumina Learning Changed the Way I Work

Earlier this year, HCK2 team members participated in a personality exercise that dissected our individual characteristics and tendencies in various situations. Skeptics beware! This personality test changed how I think about myself and my coworkers.

The Lumina Learning findings opened my eyes to my individual work strengths and how I best operate in a work environment. Since taking the test, I’ve seen the results come to life when a certain aspect of my personality may be more prominent based on a group dynamic or stress level.

Through this exercise, we learned about our individual “color” makeups – called mandalas – and uncovered key strengths and blind spots within each. We’ve gained a deeper understanding of everyone’s unique personality and how everyone may approach a problem and come to a solution.

I’ve heard several coworkers reference their mandalas when talking about personality differences, and I truly believe this is helping us all become more aware and respectful of what each person brings to the agency. This deepened understanding isn’t just something interesting to note; it’s led to enhanced communication and improved teamwork.

This personality discovery has not only been beneficial internally, but has also helped us understand how to produce the best outcomes for our clients. Combining team members with different “colors” helps incorporate multiple perspectives and creative styles. And together we are stronger than apart!