Keeping up with changing media

In this digital age, it seems like a new media channel or platform pops up every year. What started as print ads, radio spots and television commercials has evolved into blogs online (like this!) and Facebook, as well as new channels like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s impossible for brands to know exactly what channels will exist a year from now, so preparing channel specific messaging can prove difficult. So how do you stay engaged with your audience in this changing digital age?

The good news is, humans are about the same as 100 years ago. We may respond to new mediums differently, but still laugh at funny jokes, cry at sad and inspirational moments, and like to cheer for the underdog. There’s a reason why Mad Men attracts such an audience and we get sucked into their creative campaigns. A good story with compelling characters and engaging dialogue is still what’s timeless. Where a print ad may have told a story in a copy block with an engaging photo or illustration, a Vine video still needs to tell an interesting story — even if that story is only eight seconds long. Think about your favorite commercials over the years. It’s not really the brand itself that stood out, but how the brand told a funny, inspiring or humorous story.

Even outside the consumer space, B2B companies can capitalize on the pain points of their audiences to draw in new customers. There are humans on the other end of marketing efforts — with emotions, passions and needs.

So let’s not be intimidated by new outlets as they arise. The human spirit is an amazing one of progress and innovation. Let’s keep telling stories and finding the hidden gems that are everywhere.

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