Closeup shot of male and female hands toasting with pints of beer

Look Good, Pitch Good: Four tips to developing a toast-worthy, successful public relations plan

Just like piecing together the perfect outfit for a night out, developing a successful public relations plan takes research, preparation and proper understanding of all the details; who is involved, what is the timing, why are we doing this?

Before you put something together willy-nilly, follow these four tips to developing a successful strategic public relations plan:

  1. Break out your best heels. When it comes to planning your outfit, start with your foundation by selecting what shoes you will wear. The same goes for developing your PR strategy, you need to put your best foot forward and pin point the key messages you would like to convey to your audience. Once you’ve nailed down your key messaging and know what audiences you’re trying to reach, create your targeted media list of what outlets and reporters can help you convey your message.
  2. Bodycon dress or two-piece jumper? Once you have your shoes selected and solid foundation ready to go, it’s time to decide what look you want to achieve. Is it the equivalent of an attention-grabbing bodycon dress or the hide-nothing, tell-all, midriff baring, two-piece jumper? This is the main event, much like the press release you will draft in order to properly share your company’s announcement. However, use the key messaging as your guide on how you develop your press release and pitch.
  3. Bring on the bling. Proper accessories further enhance your attention-grabbing, well-put together outfit and announce you’re ready to go. The accessories that bring the flash and turn heads are just like the eye-capturing headlines that the media are publishing about your company’s announcement. Securing strategic placements are the ultimate payoff for properly planning and preparing your company’s news.
  4. Never go out alone. Once you’ve applied your lipstick and double checked your full length mirror – you know you’re feeling good and ready to go. But why would you go out solo? You need your entourage to back you up on a night when, as Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé would similarly say, “feeling yourself.” Just like you wouldn’t hit the scene alone, always consult with your PR firm to discuss and execute a strategic company announcement.

Once the coverage is captured and the announcement is complete, it’s time to get dressed up and reach for your celebratory cocktail to toast with your friends or PR firm – we’re always down for drinks.