Millennials: Shattering the Perception

There’s a perception about Millennials. We’re lazy, ungrateful and entitled. For those of us who know this is untrue, you know we continue shattering this perception everywhere we go. Why do we do this? On one hand it’s to prove to people that we refuse to be complacent and want to be seen as achievers; on the other hand it’s because we love working hard for the career we have chosen. Based on my business experience, I’ve identified 10 quick ways Millennials can shatter this perception with supervisors at your company and do well at your job:
  1. Speak up. If you don’t share, they won’t know what you’re made of. Even if you think it’s dumb, say it. That “dumb” idea could lead to something brilliant or help someone else think of something too.
  2. Know your limits. If you find you are able to work on more projects at a time than others, we applaud your efforts. Because in this industry, you have to figure out how the client works, then how you need to work to exceed their expectations. It’s the same for working with supervisors.
  3. Always ask for work. Your supervisors are there to provide strategy and support, as well as ensure you are continuously learning. If you feel like your workload is a little light one day, ask how you might be able to help in other areas.
  4. Don’t be lazy. If there isn’t work from your supervisors, find someone and help them. (Or in my case, interview everyone) It never hurts to learn.
  5. Be positive. You may be having a rough day, but there is no reason to bring everyone else’s day down too. Find a way to be positive. People will notice that about you and be drawn to it.
  6. Ask for help. If you need help, ask for it. You are around a bunch of genius people, use them.
  7. Listen. Not enough people listen. So stop jibber jabbering and hear what someone is actually trying to tell you.
  8. Exceed expectations. Don’t just do what is asked of you. If you see a way to make someone’s job easier, go the extra mile.
  9. Don’t wait. If you know you have to do something, do it. Don’t wait four months later and do it all last minute.
  10. Have fun. You’re in an exciting industry. There is plenty of fun to be had. You work with amazing people and that should pump you up.

We are the products of hard working parents, amazing teachers and wise mentors. At HCK2, our leadership team believes these nuggets of knowledge are applicable to anyone, of any age. If you want to see what some of our great employees have done, check out our client work at