Selfie Experiment

Tales from a Selfie Experiment

Several months ago, an acquaintance gave me some social media advice. He has more than 500K Instagram followers and about 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, so he knows a thing or two about social media engagement! Basically, he said, “post a bunch of photos of yourself and you’ll get a lot of followers.” So, taking his advice, I set out on a #60in60 selfie challenge. Post a selfie a day for two months on Instagram and track the results. 

I started strong.

And very soon I had to get creative to have something to post every day. As I passed ideas through my “is this newsworthy?” filter, I started to realize that I live a pretty routine life. So I dug into old photos, used hashtags like #wcw (woman crush Wednesday), #tbt (throwback Thursday), etc.

In the end, what was supposed to be 60 consecutive days of selfies (photos of myself for you selfie purists), turned into 23. #fail

I learned a few things that will help individuals and brands keep up a strong social media presence:

  • Plan in advance! If you are somewhere fun or interesting, take more than one photo! Think about what you’re doing next week to have an idea of what you’ll post.
  • Use existing hashtags! Relying on the #wcw or #tbt was helpful because it gave me a guide in what to post.
  • Selfies with animals perform really well! My most likes included cats or a peacock.
  • Don’t give up! Stay consistent with the posts. Or at least hire someone who can be consistent.
  • Track what is working (for me, selfies with cats) and give the people what they want!

Through this, I now have a new found respect for individuals like Brodie Smith or the guys at Dude Perfect who make a living by generating social content. It’s hard work, but can generate great opportunities if done well and consistently.