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When It Comes to Marketing, Know Where You’re Going

The strategy for marketing your organization is always evolving. If you are not sure how to move your organization forward, we think this adage holds true: Sometimes you have to remember where you have been to determine where you’re going.

Don’t spend too much time obsessing over “the next big thing.” Take time to review your goals and achievements and evaluate how to strategically implement new technology or trends in your integrated marketing communications campaign.

Growth is about evolution; your marketing goals should be, as well. The strategies for any marketing plan are not carved in stone. They should be placed on a pedestal where they can be carefully analyzed, evaluated and adjusted, as needed by the greater team once execution is underway.

You may realize a quarter, halfway or even inches from the finish line that you’re going in the wrong direction. If so, replace the wiring, fine-tune the engine, and get your machine back up and running so that plan can succeed and grow.

How have we done this at HCK2?

To enhance our culture and further our growth, HCK2 Partners has implemented an agency-wide initiative to regularly review company goals, progress and collect new ideas from the team. Last Thursday, our entire team convened to attend the spring session of HCK2 University, where we discussed recent work, our own marketing objectives and the status of 2013 agency goals.

By doing this, we are able to remain effective, focused and sharp as we move forward this year.