Just Revisit the Cause

by Administrator

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Let’s face it – we’ve all been trapped in the monotony of work at times. We consult our daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists (or all three if you’re ultra type-A like me) and find ourselves overwhelmed with the number of check boxes staring back at us. In those moments, we adopt a “just get it done” mindset. Work becomes about crossing things off those lists causing us to lose sight of what makes our job meaningful.

My solution to the “just get it done” mindset? Revisit the cause.

For example, you find yourself working on a press release for a non-profit organization's upcoming event. After a half-hour, writing starts getting dull. Now, all you want to do is finish. My suggestion is instead of blazing through to reach the finish line, take five minutes to revisit the cause. Think through this question: "What will this event do for the non-profit?"

Don’t stop there, though. Take it a step further. Ask other questions, such as:

  • How will this event help the community that this non-profit serves?

  • Will it enhance education?

  • Can it feed the hungry?

  • Will it provide justice?

Instantly, your press release becomes meaningful as part of the organization’s mission. The same applies to for-profit clients. Maybe you’re writing copy for a client’s website describing products they sell. When monotony strikes, explore what exactly these products do for consumers.

  • Do they make life more convenient?

  • Encourage a healthier lifestyle?

  • Provide nourishment?

Yet again, we find meaning in what we’re doing to produce the best possible product. There are many ways to revisit the cause. I like to keep documents that include my clients’ mission statements, values and ways they are serving people. When I start falling into monotony, I dig out these documents and remember that what I’m doing is in some way making life better for others.  

So what’s the bottom line? Revisiting the cause leads to a purpose-driven career. And I don’t know about you, but a purpose-driven career is exactly what I want. 

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