Choose Your Strategy Carefully

By: Scott Carter
- March 06, 2009

Have you been to the new Skittles “Web site”? Among the many Web sites I’ve seen over time, this is probably one of the worst, and sadly, from a company with quite a healthy advertising and interactive budget who can afford to do it right, but didn’t.

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Marie Claire – Promoting itself PR style

By: Allison Burum
- March 04, 2009

With a plethora of publications having to turn off their printing presses due to our pitiful economy (Domino, New York Sun and The Christian Science Monitor anyone?), I have been keeping a close eye on tactics used by pubs lucky enough to still be in print to attract both advertisers and readers.

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Is a mobile site right for my company?

By: Scott Carter
- February 28, 2009

As more and more mobile phones in the U.S. and around the world shift from mobile telephones to smartphones, the need to invest in taking your site mobile has never been greater.

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The Importance of Mentoring

By: Virginia Boutwell
- February 19, 2009

Everyone has someone in their life that has helped them become the person they are. From a teacher to a boss or colleague, most of us with a little rust have a mentor.
Then, there are those still searching for someone, like a visitor we welcomed from the UNT’s PRSSA Group.

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10 Ways to Print Economically and Save Your Bottom (Line)

By: Zoë Tennesen
- February 06, 2009

As many companies are forced to reach deeper into their pocketbooks, the need to save dollars is felt profoundly – especially when it comes to printing your marketing pieces.

Good thing you have us – a keen group of reprographic experts – who are proficient in shaving costs without compromising the integrity of your corporate branding.

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Restoring Credibility Through CEO Visibility

By: Anthea Holley
- January 29, 2009

NetZero and Sprint, among others, have recently issued television ads with endorsements spoken by none other than their own internal celebrities – their CEOs. Why are these middle-aged men touting the company's attributes instead of good-looking celebrities?

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Did Pepsi Commit Suicide?

By: Scott Carter
- December 09, 2008

Pepsi Max’s new lonely calorie campaign has been raising some controversy over the subject matter being used to sell the new Pepsi Max. Pepsi’s new campaign revolves around “One Very Very Very Lonely Calorie” and depicts a lone, blue calorie in various suicide acts within various suicide attempts.

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How to Give Good Feedback

By: Scott Carter
- December 01, 2008

Whether you’re a creative collaborating on a project or a client giving feedback, giving good feedback and critiquing well are important to the development of a project. Good feedback and critiquing starts with internal conversation. Ask yourself questions like, “What do I like about this?”, “What do I dislike?”, “Why do I like/dislike this?”.

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Saying Goodbye to a Media Legend

By: Leigha Burns
- October 02, 2001

Last Sunday, we said goodbye to a celebrity who personified the term of a crotchety, old curmudgeon. Andy Rooney was one of the last stalwarts of old school television personalities. He was a writer and producer who became an iconic figure for quirky observations and a scaly demeanor.

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