NTT Data

Product Messaging Strategy & Media Outreach

NTT DATA Services−a division of NTT DATA Corporation−partners with its clients to both simplify and optimize the modern complexities of business and technology by delivering the insights, solutions and outcomes that matter most. 

The Challenge

In advance of its 2020 fiscal year, NTT DATA leadership took a step back to evaluate the product offerings most likely to help the company grow top-line revenue. As part of the process, the company organized NTT DATA’s 15 product and service offerings into six categories. Then, NTT DATA’s communications team partnered with HCK2 to determine how to best communicate those offerings and differentiators and measure them against new corporate objectives.

The Solution

Working with NTT DATA’s internal team, HCK2 developed a variety of message-optimization strategies, with an emphasis on specific thought leadership themes to help enhance the company’s reputation in alignment with its key business goals. As a team, we worked with NTT DATA to identify primary objectives, along with specific metrics to validate results:

Increase awareness of the company and its priority offerings and verticals


  • Adapt focus to support new service offerings and priority verticals
  • Support promotion of social responsibility programs through PR and social channels, emphasizing use of values-driven communication 
  • Refine measurement and reporting to more closely correlate the impact of the PR and social media strategies with top-line revenue growth 


  • Media mentions and placements 
  • Key messages (offerings) per placement 
  • Percentage of priority vertical placements/TL vs. total 
  • Share of voice comparison among key messages
  • Social media engagement on messages related to priority offerings and verticals

Demonstrate NTT DATA’s unique thought leadership and position company leaders as SMEs to help drive preference and credibility


  • Support increased content creation from SMEs
  • Grow bench of spokesperson-trained SMEs and thought leaders 
  • Identify and apply for select awards and speaking events


  • Thought leadership placements
  • Impression quality – TL vs. Placements vs. Mentions
  • Identify target content creation goals for each priority topic or vertical
  • Awards and speaking opportunities

Media Placements

The Results

Within three months after the launch of the new strategic plan, HCK2 achieved a 31% increase in media placements for NTT DATA, and 20% more media mentions. In addition, our PR and messaging efforts helped increase NTT DATA’s share-of-voice in thought leadership by 185% quarter-over-quarter (from 7% to 20%) and boosted the company’s overall share-of-voice by 4% year-over-year − the highest among all competitors.

NTT DATA Corporation is a Top 10 global business and IT services provider with 120,000+ professionals in more than 50 countries.