Public Relations – COVID-19

At a time when many brands chose to pause their advertising and marketing efforts, Weaver, the largest tax and advisory firm in the southwest, had the wisdom to pivot its focus from database marketing to public relations. HCK2 knew there was a large audience that could benefit from Weaver’s insights, and we could amplify thought leadership regarding topics that could help businesses navigate the CARES Act and other COVID-related issues.

The Challenge

While the world was fixated on COVID-19, business owners were left questioning the impact of PPP loans in the short and long term; what the CARES Act should consist of; how to demystify the confusing narratives delivered daily by the media; and how businesses could prevail in an increasingly damaged American economy.

The Solution

HCK2 leveraged traditional media relations to amplify Weaver’s thought leadership regarding pandemic-related topics that were creating confusion. As a result, Weaver became a “go-to” resource for information and insights on PPP Loans, the CARES Act, business continuity and more. HCK2’s PR professional’s cherry-picked opportunities, distributed targeted pitches, and created stellar opportunities for Weaver to raise awareness of its multiple experts on economic recuperation, rebuilding and resiliency.

Media Placements

The Results

In less than eight weeks, HCK2 secured national coverage that reached an audience of more than 31 million and exceeded $315K+ in PR value. Weaver gained access to new audiences, enhanced its credibility and trust among the public and media, and gained a significant share of voice. Weaver indicated that all engagement levels rose during this time. This resulted in Weaver doubling its PR budget in order to continue gaining ground during the pandemic with prospects and the marketplace in-general. Weaver was among the wise group of marketers who chose to respond to the Coronavirus and keep pace with its momentum¾and they prospered as a result.