Think Outside the Pod – Online Brand Awareness Campaign

Emagispace is an interior construction and design innovator that has developed a sustainable building block technology that has redefined what’s possible in the build-out of office interiors – especially “shared workspace” environments that are becoming more and more popular in corporate architecture and space planning. The EmagiBlock® platform was conceptualized around the idea that building elegant, versatile interior space doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, long lead times, difficult storage or materials that end up in a landfill.

The Challenge

A relative newcomer to the construction and space-planning industries, Emagispace needed to make its presence known; boost awareness among architects, space planners and building owners of its product line value; and drive sales.

The Solution

One facet of HCK2’s marketing solution was a series of monthly emails embedded with a link to a landing page containing detailed information about the Emagispace product featured in the email and a Captcha box for gathering prospective-customer information. Each email featured a different product, use case or value proposition.

Email Campaign and Landing Page

Emagispace - Email campaign and Landing Page viewed in a laptop

Social Media and Digital Advertising Campaigns

Emagispace - social media and digital advertising featuring an illustration of a privacy pod around a happy women on the phone in a bustling open office. Finally a privacy pod that's truly Quiet. Fast. Affordable.

Social Media Video Vignette Series

The Results

According to Smart Insights, the average Open Rate for most marketing emails is 21.46%. The average Click-through Rate to a connected landing page or website is 3.61%.* Research by GetResponse.com has generated similar results, with “Newsletter” emails generating an Open Rate of 22.68% and a Click-Through Rate of 3.38%.

The first two scheduled emails and landing pages created by HCK2 for Emagispace generated results that significantly outperformed those industry norms.

In February 2018, 1,624 emails were delivered, and 34% of those were opened. Of those opened, time tracking indicates that 55.5% were explicitly read, 36.2% were skimmed in a quick review, and 10% of the recipients clicked through to the associated product landing page.

Similarly, in March 2018, of the 1,778 emails delivered, 33% were opened, with 70.1% apparently read and 24% skimmed. The click-through rate to the landing page jumped a bit higher to 10.9%.

Smart Insight
Feb. 2018
Mar. 2018
Open Rate21.46%22.68%34%33%
Click-Through Rate3.61%3.38%10%10.9%

Over the course of the email campaign, which ran from February 2018 to October 2018, Emagispace captured 885 new leads.

Averages based on a calculation of Smart Insight statistics for the Internet Marketing and Technology/High Tech industries in particular, as well as the average for all industries tracked.

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