Comprehensive Grand Opening

Urban8 is a free-standing, local food court with a passion for serving chef-driven, healthier dining options. With eight unique menus under one roof, Urban8 provides a wide variety of wholesome cuisine that will satisfy all cravings at an affordable price.

The Challenge

Urban8 partnered with HCK2 to establish the restaurant concept within the local community and drive traffic to its grand opening event through PR and digital advertising initiatives. 

The Solution

HCK2 leveraged its relationships with local media and messaged Urban8’s dining concept effectively to garner media interest and coverage. Additionally, HCK2’s digital team distributed direct mail to geo-targeted areas and coordinated digital billboards with directional and brand awareness messaging.


Urban8 billboard - 8 menus 1 location, 8 days 'til open featuring 2 empty white plates forming an eight with a fork on a slate blue background
Urban8 billboard - From Burgers to Burritos featuring unexpected pairings on a slate blue background

Door Hangers and Free-standing Inserts

Urban8 Free standing insert with coupon and door hanger featuring unexpected pairing of food

Media Placements & Social Promotions

The Results

Urban8’s grand opening event was a major success and the food hall was packed with customers all night long. Within just one week of promoting Urban8’s grand opening, HCK2 secured 4 media tours or interviews and 21 unique media placements, with 57% of the coverage running in tier one news outlets. Additionally, this coverage equated to an audience reach of approximately 2 million and PR value of $100K+. On the advertising front, the digital billboards received 1.4 million out of home impressions and the direct mail reached 159,200 individual homes.

The grand opening event also received 39 mentions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from 18 different accounts, including Tier One outlets such as The Dallas Morning News, Eater Dallas, GuideLive, Plano Magazine and Plano Profile.