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Trend Micro Incorporated, a 27-year-old global leader in security software, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. With such a rich history, the company sought to expand its horizons by building a strong community of prospects, customers and other influencers. 

Believing strongly in the power of social media, the company engaged HCK2 to streamline its efforts and position the brand as a strong thought leader among its audiences. This was a unique circumstance, as Trend Micro is a global brand with a wide variety of both commercial and consumer products.

HCK2 executed an in-depth social media audit, established an overall strategy as well as a master content calendar. A comprehensive workflow was developed, guidelines, etiquette and policy were created and performance goals, complete with regular reporting metrics, were implemented. Externally, all channels were refreshed and updated, including the main blog site, which began receiving regular social media traffic.

As a result, Trend Micro in partnership with HCK2, achieved an organic 60% increase in total social audience size and an organic 94% increase in total audience engagement by mid-2014, after 9 months of working together. By the end of 2014, blog unique visitors increased 265%, page views increased 179% and sessions increased 147%. By the end of 2015, social audience size increased 20%, social engagements increased 356%, unique blog visitors increased 33%, page views increased 7% and sessions increased 24%.

With the unprecedented engagement levels achieved through the partnership, Trend Micro is poised to expand its social media footprint to further strengthen the company’s position as the industry leader in a highly competitive space.

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