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Whether you are looking to update your existing website or create a brand new one from the ground-up, we have the tools and expertise to help you stand out from the crowd.

Simply answer a few questions to help us better understand your needs and we will have our team of experts …

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Tell us about you:

What are your company's goals for a new website? (Check all those that apply) *

Describe what you like about your current website. What do you think is performing well?

Describe what you do not like about your current website. Where do you think it could improve?

Depending on the scope of work, a typical website takes anywhere from three months to six months. Will you need it sooner? If so, why?

Will you need a temporary splash page/microsite while your main website is being developed?

If you need to integrate Third-party Systems into the website, please list the applications and provide the corresponding URL address.

Provide a list of your top three to six competitors. (Please include their website URLs if possible)

Are there any companies in your respective industry that you believe have an exceptional web presence? If so, please include website URLs.

Website Assets

Does your company have a logo?

Are you happy with your current logo design?

Does your company have professional photography available?

Having professional photos is key to have a clean and modern website. If you don't have a photographer would you be interested in a photoshoot or stock photography?

Do you want your company to have the ability to update your site's content?

Who will write content? Don't worry if you are not a writer, we have plenty on staff.

What social media channels are you currently using?

Technical Aspects

Are you happy with your current hosting company?

Do you currently have a dedicated database/server hardware?

Do you currently have an IT team in place to manage data/servers?

Do you have a Google Analytics account setup for your current website?

What features do you need in your website?