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HCK2 Declares 2017 Social Media Day in Addison and Dallas

HCK2 Partners (HCK2), an award-winning Dallas marketing communications agency, has officially declared June 30, 2017 Social Media Day in Addison and Dallas.

This year, Social Media Day will be recognized with three events in Addison and Dallas on June 30.

The holiday, founded by Mashable, will provide communication professionals the opportunity to gather together and celebrate the power of social media and how it affects our world.

“Throughout the past decade, social media has transformed the way brands communicate and interact with their audiences,” said Ingrid Kibler, Social Media Director at HCK2. “We are honored to have the opportunity to bring social media professionals from around the metroplex together to celebrate Social Media Day in Addison and Dallas.”

To celebrate Social Media Day, HCK2 will host three events including a kickoff breakfast and panel discussion at Health Wildcatters, a client of HCK2, a networking lunch at The Rustic followed by a happy hour at the Addison Ice House. The Addison and Dallas Social Media Day proclamations will be read aloud at the first and third events in their respective cities.

“I am immensely proud of HCK2’s social media team and the waves they are making as thought leaders within our industry,” said Heather Capps, President and CEO of HCK2. “Social Media Day is special to our agency as we celebrate the incredible impact social media has on global communication.”

To learn more about Social Media Day, or register for any of the three events, visit: https://socialmediaday.hck2.com/

About HCK2 Partners

HCK2 Partners (HCK2) is a Dallas marketing communications agency known for its full-service creative, interactive, public relations and social media work. During the past two decades, the agency has built a diverse client portfolio across B2B, B2C, non-profit and government sectors, ranging from global billion-dollar businesses to regional operations, most of which have headquarters or a major presence in North Texas. Companies turn to HCK2’s 40-person team to help address a specific business challenge, opportunity or organizational trigger, such as a product launch, rebrand, merger or acquisition, anniversary or crisis situation. For more information, visit www.hck2.com.