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Decision-making – Data Versus Emotion

With the growth of marketing technologies and the continued development of new channels, data has become the central focus of most communication efforts. Data identifies our target audiences, and it quantifies our goals. Data is king, but it’s not a benevolent king. It’s cold and disconnected from the needs of your audience. To understand how to use data […]

Four Key Traits of Successful Logos

While your logo may not directly affect your sales funnel, it can have a strong influence on brand loyalty and perception. Every time we discuss brands that clients admire, Apple and Nike almost always top the list. More often than not, we find clients discussing the traits of a logo to represent the brands. Both of […]

How Covid-19 Has Changed the Future of Public Relations

Over the past six months, the global coronavirus pandemic has impacted every industry in some shape or form. Public relations is no exception. The virus has fundamentally changed brand relationships with the media and consumers, with PR professionals being at the forefront of this shift. We’ve recapped our biggest takeaways on how COVID-19 has shaped […]