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Re-Engineering the Corporate Narrative

Does My Company Need a Corporate Narrative? A corporate narrative is an integral component to your organization’s success and differentiates you from your competitors and stakeholders. First and foremost, it drives the overall perception of who you are and what you stand for. Furthermore, companies that have strong narratives have an easier time launching and […]

Why Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

With the rapid shift to quarantining, working from home and social-distancing, some have questioned how the influencer industry would fare during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, consumer habits have changed, with social media becoming an even more significant part of the consumer decision-making journey. According to a study from A&E, at the beginning of […]

The Dark Side of Brand Consistency

If you’ve ever launched a new brand, refined a legacy brand or managed the day-to-day of an existing brand, chances are you’ve grappled with consistency. For many marketers, it’s the foundation of a brand’s strength. While there is some truth to this mantra, the reality is that – for most brands – consistency has become […]