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Getting Back as Much as We Give

HCK2 has a long-term commitment to giving back to non-profits in the local North Texas community, as it is a key piece of our company’s culture. One of the organizations we’ve had the opportunity to partner with over the past year is Ability Connection, which serves more than 700 individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities across […]

HCK2’s Furry Assistants: At the Office and Home Office

The benefits of bringing your pet to work are endless, and the team at HCK2 is very familiar with these perks! Our furry friends bring stress relief, remind us to take breaks and grab some fresh air, and can make any day seem brighter. When you walk into HCK2, you could swear it is a […]

Pivoting During a Pandemic

Throughout our 22 years in business, HCK2 has built a strong competency around the need to pivot, both at a strategic level and in the logistics. Our team has an innate capacity to make adjustments on the fly, to adjust strategies when necessary and to pivot in ways that still achieve our clients’ goals. In […]