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Four Steps to Building Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, there is a common denominator to being successful: emotional connections. Building emotional connections with customers extends your relationships, fosters potential new ones and demonstrates that you are engaged with your customers on a deeper level. Harvard Business Review researched hundreds of brands and concluded that, “the most effective […]

Welcome to the Virtual Event Era

The global coronavirus pandemic has canceled countless events over the past seven months, and has forced many organizations to shift to a virtual alternative for the foreseeable future. In fact, Marketing Dive reported that 71% of marketers expect virtual events to continue beyond 2020 and the global virtual events market is expected to grow 23.2% […]

Navigating the New Age of Media Relations

Even though media relations has been around for a century, today’s fast paced, tech-centric landscape is nothing like it was decades ago and continues evolving. The global COVID-19 pandemic is leading to even more industry changes, with reporter beats shifting and the news cycle becoming even shorter, all due to the influx of information. At […]