HCK2 INTERNally: The Lingering PR Effect of Lockouts

By: HCK2 Interns
- July 08, 2011

Editor's Note: This is a second musing in a series from our @MelanieCornell. Please don't send hate mail. We can't control the sports fandom of her family. Just her... mwah-ha-ha-ha.

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Recalibrating Your Marketing Dollar vs. Re-evaluating Your Marketing Strategy

By: Kenneth Kracmer
- July 07, 2011

The second quarter of 2011 is complete, and people are still unsure about the outlook for business in this – or any – market. 

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HCK2 INTERNally: A conversation about gum

By: HCK2 Interns
- July 01, 2011

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. You name it.  I’ve probably spent some time on it… today.

My name is Victoria Sharwarko, and I am addicted to social media. (Editor's Note: Odd how her 12-step program began with blogging at HCK2.)

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The Freedom to Choose

By: Leigha Burns
- June 25, 2011

Editor's Note: Although this is two weeks following the Finals, you'll have to excuse our Thomas Moore. He's been basking in a malaise of Cheetos, Pork Rinds, adult beverage and Mavs gear ever since the Championship. Carry on, sir.

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HCK2 INTERNally: Lunch for $1.79 - Perfect for Recent Grads

By: HCK2 Interns
- June 25, 2011

From time to time, we are proud to hire a few stellar post-grads from the area and watch them experience growth spurts at our fabled company.

We have two in the PR department that are in "weed" status, and would like to take that growth around the block for a spin. This blog series is a result of that meandering: HCK2 INTERNally.

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Bridging the Gap

By: Leigha Burns
- May 13, 2011

In my last post, the triumphant return of the Commodore 64 was lauded. 

It was a revolutionary piece of technology that was the first experience many computer programmers had with a personal computer.  The imagination and inspiration it fostered among early programmers still resonates today.

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HCK2 Gets All Over In-N-Out Burger

By: Michelle Lentz
- May 11, 2011

Today, five of the bravest souls at HCK2 (and our Leigha Burns [second from right and still not on our website yet]) piled into the car at the early lunch hour of 11 a.m.

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HCK2 Earns White House Attention

By: John Burch
- April 21, 2011

At HCK2, we create innovative solutions through creative design, interactive development or public relations that make us proud. Better yet, they make our clients proud.

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We LUV the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

- April 20, 2011

For a couple of years, HCK2 has been involved with the Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT), and it has been a rewarding experience.

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PR Tips for Nonprofits

By: Taylor Clary
- April 19, 2011

Nonprofit organizations are some of the most resourceful and creative organizations I’ve had the opportunity to work for in my career. However, with limited funding and manpower to publicize their services and missions, many can be overlooked by the press and the public.

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